Rules and Regulations on Three-Man Team Sparring Competition

Section 1

All rules that apply to single stick fighting is also adhered to the (3) Man Team Competition with the following Additions:

Three disarms in one round only counts as a TKO for that match. Judges will mark the scoring cards for that round only as a 10 –7 round. (ALL team members must fight)

In the case of a draw, at the end of a match, there will be a sudden death extended match. One member from each team will be chosen to fight the extended round. There will be no tie after this match. Judges will choose the winner at the conclusion of the round.

No corners are allowed. Team members will corner themselves.

No delays are allowed between each round. All team members must be ready to compete when their round is called.

All team members must leave their equipment on until the end of the Match. Only the Helmet can be taken off at the end of the Match.