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WEKAF (World Escrima Kali Arnis Federation) Canada’s primary goal is to promote, foster and inform those interested about Full Contact Stick Fighting – the sport side of Arnis/Kali/Escrima. This culturally rich and diverse martial art – FMA – still traces its roots back to the source in the Philippines where it is practised by both young and those young at heart. It is an art full of history and cultural diversity that is still reflected in the training and instruction taught by instructors, Masters and Grandmasters to this day.

Escrima – the sport side of FMA (depending where you come from in the Philippines) – has been around in Canada for approximately 20 years and is still going strong. WEKAF Canada is a welcoming organization open to all styles and systems of FMA and especially to those who are keen to learn.

It offers a unifying or central point of contact for those practicing or wanting to learn the sport of Escrima (full contact stickfighting) in Canada. WEKAF Canada fosters a competitive spirit and offers opportunities to train via seminars, workshops, and compete under WEKAF rules (see attached).

Another important goal and stepping stone for WEKAF Canada is its continued growth as a sport in Canada, both FMA and Escrima, while keeping full contact stickfighting grounded in its cultural heritage from halfway around the world.

WEKAF Canada also offers membership to those interested. Membership is charged on a bi-annual basis and allows competitors to participate in WEKAF World Tournaments as well as many other benefits such as seminars, training sessions and instruction by teachers found only in the Philippines.

Finally, WEKAF Canada seeks to unify the spirit and sport of full contact stickfighting and develop both world class competitors and competitions, including one day hosting an international world tournament. For this to happen, our infrastructure must be well organized with a strong core of Canadian competitors and supporters – we can only do this with you as a part of our growing organization.

We look forward to the continued growth of WEKAF Canada through its organizers and members and a strong sense of national unity to bring an outstanding competitive team to the WEKAF World Championships in Hungary in July of 2014!

Membership in WEKAF Canada is bi-annual and is $25 CDN.

The current director for WEKAF Canada is Guro JB Ramos.

For more information about membership or WEKAF Canada, please contact:

Email: Info.FilipinoMartialArts [at] gmail.com
Phone: 416-648-0301